Friends of Love, Truth and Self-knowing

Here’s my invite to end the cultural construct
A Job of mind snowing
That promulgates excessive ego showing
And upstream rowing

This from Alan Hutner aka Rudy, aka Rudra Ram
All names now standing for unity and calm
The true healing balm
For a collective heart-psalm
Of love and peace
And self knowing
Right on!

I/We make this invitation to thee
For you to show up
And belong
To a gathering of
And Sat-song

“Satsang and Self-realization: Freedom in the Truth of Knowing Who You Are!”
A FREE circle gathering in love
At Teresa Neptune Studio Gallery and Enlightening Event Center
Sunday, June 4th, 3 p.m.
728 Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Bring you, or two
For some awakening insights
In this Grand Cosmic Zoo
Rudy names life
It’s to de-stress
And de-strife
With no structure nor agenda
But rather to celebrate love and truth

We’ll stretch a bit
Let loose our chi
Life force ENERGY!
Raise the L. O. V. E. Frequency
Engaging The Law Of Vibrational Energy
Enhancing and maybe dancing
Opening any love portal leading to unity
The consciousness
Of One We!

Some simple wellness Rites
A bit of silent insight
Some TRM music
To dispel any “Soul of Dark Night”
All calling forth the Divine Light
Of love and truth
And Self-knowing proof

For details go to Neptune Studio Event Space and click on the menu Rudy Satsang

Please join us,
Sunday, June 4th, 3 PM
For this FREE afternoon
Of bright de-light

You can also email me, Rudy
For a personal R.S.V.P
To a seat guarantee
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