Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM)

TRM blends a varied pacing of special features, guest interviews, leading-edge information and practical resources with an eclectic mix of contemporary music. Conversations center on topics of social responsibility and include interviews with best-selling authors and other prominent guests as well as lesser-known experts in their fields. Music crosses over typical industry classifications to provide a wide range of vocals and instrumentals, acoustic and electronic styles, from the familiar to the unique.

Tested and proven, the show format is a unique blend of stimulating talk, special features, guest interviews and practical information. TRM has continually been on the leading edge of what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not! And the mix, with music, is what we brand as “WHOLE-BRAIN RADIO,” balancing both left and right brain hemispheres with music and talk. TRM brings forth topics of social responsibility, alternative lifestyle choices and critical issues relevant to a rapidly changing world. The mix offers conversation in palatable, easy to assimilate bites, bridged with music and diverse music sets. As of July 1, 2017, 1744 consecutive weekly shows aired. Then, after 34 years in broadcasting, our host Alan Hutner took a 3 month sabbatical. TRM was recently relaunched on November 5th, 2017 with our new co-host, Jon Whitsell at the helm. Listen Live or to Archives.

Issues and topics on TRM include:

  • Ecology & The Environment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Relationships & Family
  • Personal Growth and Sacred Sexuality
  • New Psychology & Spirituality
  • New Paradigms in Socially-Responsible Business, Politics & Government
  • Leading-Edge Perspectives On Science
  • Anthropology & World Culture
  • Technology & The Arts
  • Metaphysics and Other Mystical Phenomena




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Crosses over typical industry classifications with an eclectic mix of Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Light Rock, Americana, Blues, Reggae, World, Ambient-trance dance, and the Eclectic indescribable, paced to vary from mellow to upbeat, and always empowering! Click here for a sampling of artists and to listen to a music collage


TRM and its predecessor show, COSMOSIS (started in February of 1984), were first conceived by founder, host and producer Alan Hutner. Over the years, the show has become one of the most highly-rated, widely-listened-to specialty radio programs with a large and loyal following. Still hosted and produced by Alan, with on-air and behind-the-scene support from co-hosts Jon Whitsell and Elizabeth Rose and other team members, TRM, reflects the ongoing refinements of over three decades of broadcasting experience, spanning six stations in New Mexico and now evolving with a worldwide internet presence.


TRM airs on KBAC, Radio Free Santa Fe, 98.1 FM, broadcasting on radio to central and northern New Mexico, out of Santa Fe. As of 11/05/2017 TRM is now in a one hour format starting at 9:00 AM, Mountain Time, Sunday mornings. Radio Free Santa Fe is community oriented, addressing an upscale, active and diverse audience, and is part of The Hutton Broadcasting station and


Each Sunday’s TRM show is live streamed; as well as archived, and is available 24/7 at Archived guests and keyword topics can be searched.


A successful former corporate executive, Alan Hutner draws upon years of experience in business, radio and television to bring a sense of understanding and wisdom to a show that has become a favorite of listeners and guests alike. Easy-going and sensitive, his interview/conversation style creates a relaxed setting, resulting in honest, thought-provoking, probing and meaningful dialogue. His uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter is praised by listeners as well as by the prominent guests he engages: Authenticity is the key.


New on the TRM/TMM scene, we are pleased to introduce you to Jon Whitsell a gentleman of many multi-media talents not to mention he’s a percussionist, Taiko player and sononaut! What’s a sononaut you might ask? An explorer of sound. 

And for twenty-two years, Elizabeth Rose (aka Rosie) has been a co-host, co-producer, music director and administrative assistant for TRM. She joins us part time and continues to feature her Rosie’s Ruminations. Rosie is a warm, insightful complement to the show, adding a feminine balance and a “wise woman’s” perspective.