From a Ariella, a friend
A text on love without end
Actually on a tea bag
Words, she did send
Quote, “Love is the ultimate law of life”
Oh yes, love cuts through illusion
Like a razor sharp knife
And yes, love has many “portals”
That lead to the immortal
Where Zen Masters chortle
And yogis abortle
All attachments unloving
To discover
Unmanifest universal, unchanging source
From which truth cannot divorce
Love and Truth
The same
Two sides of one coin
Or said another way
Love and Truth is the ultimate law of life
Love as law
That acronym for
Law of Vibrational Energy
Resolve the paradox of a you and me
Get into the oneness of what is real unity
Waves of seeming separation
That ultimately reunify
In the Grand Cosmic Sea
Yes the ocean is we
Persona is me
Just a foam drop on the tip
Of this impermanent trip
Of a lifetime
As a wave
In the home of the brave
And most importantly
In the land of the free
Yes free-dom
Is the King-dom and Queen-dom of the
Beyond just 3d real-ity
Time for separation to be undone
Time for fun in the sun
Where unity as one
Recognizes the impermanence of the ego stun
Striving to be separately
Better than, more than the perceived other one
Oh say can you see
The freedom in unity
By the dawn’s early light
End the duality plight
Stop the fright and flight
Stop the fight uptight
No dogma of needing to be right
Just be
Before a perceived separate me
And then see
The quantum field of we
Was Janis Joplin right
In the midst of her Dark Night
Singing in some form of awakened light
“Freedom’s just another word
For nothing left to lose.”
And that’s the Zen master’s good news
That’s the yogi’s unifying view
That’s a Saint’s Holy Spirit stew
That’s Buddha nature
That is, an enlightened you
Give up addictive attachments
Slow down mind-programmed reactions
Go for the ultimate satisfaction
Love in non-action
The real God
In full Self-knowing
Mother Earth Traction
The Four Keys to the Kingdom-Queendom
Desire – Divine unity first
Intend – for that above and beyond all else
Allow – give it space and time to manifest and
Surrender – to Source Love and Truth!
Amen, AHO
It’s all about Love And Truth
In this Grand Cosmic Show
We name Life!