Alan Rapping in Astors

Listen to Love or Fear: Please Not So Serious This Year

By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy © 2014

Another year
To love or fear?
How through duality will we peer?
What values will we hold near and dear?
God bless the sage and seer

That lies dormant within
To now wake up and begin
To unravel the PR BS spin
So what does it take
To live a win-win?

A no sin co-operative
Non-sink or swim
Without chagrin
Time to call in
Our seraphim’s

Ask of our angels
To fill us with love
To the brim
And speaking of God
To call on Him
Or Her
Non-gender Divinity
If you prefer

Call in the Tao
Or pray to the Inner Thou
But let’s all wake-up now

For as this theme goes
“Seriousness is next to Godliness”
By George
What a promise to forge
For humor best not to be ignored

What’s that cliché
Of recent day?
Tell God your plan
If you want to make it laugh
Yet still we need to craft

Some kind of vision
With precision
And know
Who is doing what in this Grand Cosmic show
That we call Life

Besides unconditional love is a laugh
Cosmic humor is a blueprint
A guide or draft
Of how to heal your …
You get the rhyme

With a capital S
Is the only way to end the stress
And duress
Of this fear-based mess
That somehow we’ve created
For evolution at best

And at worse
A way for our seriousness to reverse
Time to end the fear game
And share the purse
Of Mother Earth
To share her abundance
For All That It’s worth
And let seriousness
Give way to mirth

Time to enlighten-up
Fill up the cup
With love
For love is enough

So what will you choose?
Love or fear?
A joyful fun-full New Year
Hang up the spear
Ban the bomb
And sing a happy song
“All we are saying
Is give peace a chance”

Give love a chant
Time to end the too serious rant
So we offer perchance

The seed of love
And humor
To in your soul plant

And as Rosie incants:
“May joy, laughter and song,
Fill your abiding Rant!”

No excuses
No I can’t
Love over fear
In this next New Year