Alan Hutner aka Rudy © 2015

Love Is
Love Is
It’s the Divine Fizz
Beyond belief
Beyond hers and his
It’s not just the romance
That sets your hormones a diz

It’s the only oasis
In the desert of duality
Take that to your soul bank
As core reality
Of course there is multi-dimension-ality

Understand, belief creations are infinite
This and that
Tit for tat
Seeking revenge for a minor spat
Do I wear a white or black hat
Get where I’m at?

Love Is. Love Is.
It’s the only bankruptcy proof biz
It comes from a source
You can never divorce
THE Source
Your vital life force
The ultimate guide to…
Guide your course

Intend now
To get out of confusion
Get out of illusion
Without love as your guide
You’re cruising for a bruisin’

Consider this mantra
Love Is; my only biz
To end the diz
Of false identification
You are not just your mind
Or body
Forget trust of your ego
It’s fickle and shoddy

Ego may be a temporary place to rest
Creating some illusion of a safety nest
In the separation mess
Me versus you
Cock-a-doodle do
So really
Who are you?
In this Grand Cosmic Zoo?

We call Life
Find the answer
And you’ll find your core Self
Capital S Self
Then you can put your glorified ego
On the retirement shelf
Yes, fire that little s self

Love will then show
And you will know
What to surrender to
And trust
You know that mantra on U.S. currency
“in God We Trust”
Somebody had that one right

Even though with money
The result is sometimes funny
As we worship that God
Belief in the all might dollar
Makes love want to “hollor”

I’m your real abundance
I’m your energy bank
Forget the peso, yen and dinar
It will just keep you on the crank
The grind
Until you fry your mind
In fear so near

Hey friend
Time to begin again
You want the deep Truth?
You are part of Creator Source
A creation station
For love manifestation

Intended as a device
For Divine communication
To not create separation
But to unify a soul-based nation

Give up ego judgments
Return to forgiveness and innocence
For no matter what you think
That’s the doorway to link
You back to Source

Forgiveness and innocence
Are born of Love!
Love does Source All
And here’s the deep Beauty
Love has infinite expressions
God G O D
Three letters
That created we
Created the Universe
G O D indefinable
Omnipotent, omni-present
And perhaps most important
Having infinite awareness, understand
And insight
Simply stated another way

It’s universal intelligence
That All That Is “Big Mind”
So end your little self bind
Forgive and be kind
Leave fear and separation behind
To ultimately find…
Love Is, Love Is
The only oasis
In the desert of duality
Love is beyond belief
What relief
It is THE core of reality
It animates the totality
From which you were created
Amen A Ho…It’s love a go go