In Memoriam
In sadness and celebration
We honor and praise
His change in station
As family, friends and others in creation
We gather in sacred circle
The Robert Alan Lupowitz, member nation
Held in, and sharing Love
In fond memory for Rob
As he was known to me
As well as close friends of HE
Former individuated big wave
Returning to the Grand Cosmic Sea
I am so honored to high praise him
In this poetic mini-eulogy
For among the many gifts he barded and shared
He was a poet himself
His heart and soul bared
Accomplished and published
A a philosopher In many a way
An orator of wisdom
With many good things to say,
And do and be
And now
Like all of we
His impermanent bodee
No longer incarnate
Returns to eternity
As his beloved wife, Linda
Stands with all of we
Herself a writer
Now deeper into Thee
Great Mystery
She wrote in a notice
“Gone to Paradise”
With a photo of Robert
Walking hand in hand
With his two grand, grand grandsons
Strolling away in a t-shirt
Inscribed “Gone to Paradise”
How perfect
Dear cousin, friend, soul-brother
Without end
Yes…without end!
For as I have been told and intuit
And here state so bold
The soul
Incarnate soul
Is eternal
Returned to another dimension
In Grand Cosmic Ascension
For what Paradise Robere
Could not find here
He will surely find there
Robert, Rob, Robere
We honor your journey
To Paradise
To Heaven
To a new reality
In this universe of multi-dimensionality
We will all miss your body beat
I will miss your hands so sweet
Dr. Rob
Your healing touch a real treat
37 years of chiropractic feat
A magic healer of healers
I send you this Cosmic tweet
Thank you friend, cuz and soul brother
I am still your sacred Divine Lover
Here in sage-ing body
A wave cresting in the All That Is
While you return to your eternal biz
“Gone to Paradise”
Gee whiz
Robert Alan Lupowitz
Your body loss
Still sets my heart a diz
Yet still, I feel your immortal soul!
With eternal love
For that – Love – is all there is
Yes L.O.V.E.
Acronym for Law of Vibrational Energy
A Cosmic Law
For all we
To true-lee be free
With and in Love