Follow the money
Build a wall
Keep those immigrants out you all
Well I say NO!
To another power elite distraction show
By the richest of you all
Where a lack of love and compassion
Hides under the fear based drawl

Two billion dollars
As most taxpayer’s holler
No way
Let Jose’ and his family stay
Or leave
I pray
Enough of this comedic President’s way
Follow the money, I say
It will show most truths any day
To see the money game in play

Who makes the money?
Who’s going to pay?
I say to you Donald and crazies
No way Jose’
Administration staff cronies’ of baloney

No wall!
No way!
For another boondoggle display
Follow the money through their area so gray
And understand this intentional fear spray

Of separation
Egoic consternation
Me better than you
Power over
Control over
All perceived others
In this Grand Cosmic Zoo
A fat cat boondoggle to pursue!

Nationalism, imperialism, capitalism…
Isms’ causing schisms
Look underneath to see that separating force
Motivating so many into an insane divorce
Forgetting the almighty One Source

It’s fear, ever so near
Yet, money, like music, can temporarily
Soothe the savage beast
Of fear catalyzed by beliefs
Yes F. E. A. R.
That we hold near and dear…like

My skin color makes me better than you
My birth place and nation
Is better than your country creation
My money dictates my worth life station
I am upper class!
Born of the wealthy
Too often crass
Aristocracy in the face of democracy
A very boondoggle oriented, corporatocracy!

Follow the money
See the false yarns Spun-nee
See the truth
Discover immaturity of the uncouth
Ignorance and prejudice
Taught to our youth

Where some never awake to who they truly are
This the wound
Most massive scar
Hiding the unity of Who We All Are!

Take that two billion bucks
President Donald and Duck
Quit your stupid quacking of separation
That egocentric puff and stuff!

Earmark that money and many billions more
By reduced spending for the military
And more dollars for war
Put that money to real education
To promulgating
To navigating
A new sharing nation
And instigating a new union
A vast harmony configuration!
Yes, there needs to be
A new collaboration of unification
Where all can end their impoverished constipation
Through a system of sharing co-creation

It must be born of real love
So the fear of below
Rises to the frequency of above
To be known
And into the vast ocean of healing thrown

Not better than!
Or higher than!
Where more money rules as the capitalistic plan
Follow the money
To see the aristocracy demand
It’s a boondoggle man!
Greed and the boondoggle seed
Time to disempower their hold
Break the money mold of old

Let abundance flow
Above and below
To all the directions
Of the Spirit world to go
Stand up!
Just say no!
To the vice grip on money ruling
It must …now…just…go, go, go!

To where love rules first
In this Grand Cosmic Show
Let Cosmic Love and Light just plain glow!
Because we now know
It’s just Donald Duck
And the Disneyland show
Copping our collective minds
In a constructed reality snow
Time to reap and sow!

L O V E acronym for
Law Of Vibrational Energy
At play
Replacing money boondoggles
In every which way