As we finally awaken
In this Grand Cosmic sea
Our vision changes
To one of unity
And yes, there is a perceived you and me
But a change in perception of duality
Allows the creation of a new reality

It changes how we feel
Visualize and see
Into a context of wholeness
Your soul-lution to a new we
In this Grand Cosmic Sea

Oneness as a field of pulsating energy
Like love as the underlying fequency
As L.O.V.E
Representing the Law of Vibrational Energy
The matrix within which you and me
And all of we,
Were born, in form, In To
Birthrighted to live life harmoniously

Think of that word syllabus-ly
Or syllable-ly
Creating new meaning of living in harmony
Interestingly, the first syllable is harm
Than own-us, lee
Writing that down pho-netically
I see action in response creating Great Unity
In oneness or one-us
In har-mony

So first “do no harm”
Second, “own-us”
As one us
Not two of us
And third, lastly!
In uniformity
Elevate the form of self to Self
From little s self to Capital S Self

Which is the Self of
All One
Cosmic energy
Radiating life our star-sun
Giving unlimited life-force to everyone

All so called things
All living beings
Without limit
Without egoic judgment
To who or what deserves to receive
More or less of the sun God’s rays
Ray de ance
In perfect shining harmony

Like the wave
The foam tip
We name separately
Yet all one of the ocean
In the Grand Cosmic sea
Unity consciousness
Acts harmlessly
Or harmoniously

See-ing that
Giving and receiving are one
In freedom or free-ly
What I give to you
I give to me
Or better said
I give to the One…We
Now consciously
Ending perceived separation
In the Grand Cosmic sea

This is a grand key
To living peacefully
For suffering to just no longer be
When L.O.V.E
Becomes our fully intended reality

And very simply for now the key
To effectively, manifestly
Create this unity – reality
All we need to do, or be
Is wholehearted

Mend the rift between heart and mind
End that duality bind
To one-heart-mind being
And doing
End the separation stewing
Why would I harm you?
If I am me with you?
The Big Love
Law of Vibrational Energy
As amplified
By you, me, we
Take in that vision
Of unity consciousness
Once again
In this Grand Cosmic sea!
You Knit Tee…the key