Alan Rapping in AstorsMy Ministry – Your Ministry

I was called to the Ministry of Love by inner Christ Consciousness; a transmission received as first a reminder in silent inner thought, but not mine; then a resounding resource of life-affirming spirit-energy, named by some as the Holy Spirit: That all followed by a sweeping knowing of Being the birthed son, as the feminine is the birthed daughter, of something, some-one, other than my finite ego-body-mind complex. This often named “Creator Source” has my loving allegiance; for where I came from, I shall return. That is my eternal permanence in the firmament.

One ordained in this knowing ministry needs no official credentials. If one must take a title, like PhD, then accept this degree, dot.God: Thus you too are a minister of the Divine Church of Love. Your ordination is by Self-agreement.

The measure of your Co-creator Self skills and talents as minister to and of the All That Is Matrix of Life – and Love, is first and foremost Love. L.O.V.E. What is your resonant frequency? If covered by fear. If contracted by fear. Trust me, if informed by a hard heart, your God-given, nature-given credentials are temporarily suspended; that is until you return to Love. Love is THE measure! And your Ministry of Sat-sang (sitting in truth = love) begins first with you in this Grand Cosmic Zoo, of human incarnation.

Then as the saying goes, “where two or more are gathered in the name of Love, the synergy, the creative force of that Love; deep peace, joy, even bliss called sat-chit-ananda will show. It is the natural law of expansion and contraction.

As Jeshua spoke, and his words were written: I read – and I listened.

“Imagine a world with ten million awakened children of God – fully awake – not just as a belief or an idea, but who have mastered fear, who no longer live in doubt whatsoever, and who are busy creating universes that mirror perfectly the Kingdom of Heaven. Imagine it – if you dare! “ (page 120 Way of Mastery)

I am, a Minister of the Congregation of One and One. Who will join me in this Divine play of fun? Victory over fear in any moment won. Removes the clouds of cover that hide the overly radiant sun.

Love and Blessings Upon You; Fellow Ministers of Love! Alan AKA Rudy.