What is the Real World? I know many of you are wondering, as am I what to believe, what’s real, what’s not, how do you focus your energies and efforts in navigating through this quagmire of atrocities, dualities and contradictions. I too am wondering and yet, the strong and impeccably clear guidance of my silent, inner knowing has directed me to share with you, the critical nature of amplifying your keen listening abilities – engaging all of your senses while connecting to nature…this is where you will hear the truth from within your own inner knowing. Ghandi called this power “Truth Force.” A friend of mine calls this place within “your inner compass.” I love that. Yes, you, me, we all have an inner compass, a Truth Force, that holds the keys to the kingdom and how to discern fact from fiction, truth from lies; how to shift your focus and transmute everything in your life with love; how to transcend fear, illness and disturbance into a highly integral and beyond-sustainable peace for yourselves, your close companions, your communities and your world.

One way to connect with the real world and your inner compass is through the purity of nature and the Earth Mother. I say this as an urgent wake-up call, not a flowery invitation of simply embodying peace and love. Listen closely to Chad Wilkin’s song Sing for the Earth that we’ll play after my Rumination. Listen to his brilliant and fierce wake-up messages: one of them being quote “All of creation is groaning and waiting, In anticipation for us to awaken.” Sorry, but I see too many of you who know better, taking in the media distraction spin and dissolving it on your tongue like candy, allowing your mind and will, to be entranced by the fear-mongering trap of that which is not real – this illusion, it has no staying power, no endurance – that’s how you know it’s not real…we must not collapse ourselves, into their homespun fragile web of fear, hatred, disgrace and disbelief…in other words, we must not give our power away, or any of our precious energy. The red flags of distraction are waving. It’s very simple, as I see it. The Real world is Mother Earth who is singing for you and one of our primary tasks is to tend to Her with deep devotion, love and care. Remember, she is you and you are her. If your way is that of an activist…then go for it, but do it with fierce love, not out of fear or revenge. And equally so, tend lovingly to awaken Your Sovereign Spiritual Self and those you connect with everyday. For it is true, All of creation IS groaning and waiting in anticipation for us to awaken.” Makia – that’s Hawaiian for “energy flows where your attention goes!”

It’s makia time folks! Cease giving the shadow-side of fear, disgrace, deceit and disbelief your attention. The supposed “powers that be” are radically and rapidly loosing their grip…flailing in their desperate efforts to maintain control and power over. And, I suggest you meticulously, relentlessly monitor your thoughts and attention. As Kalyani clearly states quote, “if you want to know what the real world is, “Meet me at the borderland of a thought. A thought can stand between this world and heaven.”

As I write this, a bird is gleefully singing it’s song of springtime joy. The bird knows no different but to sing his song of perfection, love, beauty and victory. Sing like the bird. Reclaim your perfection now and get out of your mind. Breathe in eternal life and tend to your Garden and the Garden of Mother Earth. Reclaim your relationship to Love, to Your true purpose and please, step away from the seduction of the shadowy drama at play. Rather, aim to deliver yourself and others from oppression. Shine your inner Lamp of beauty, Light and love. You are so needed NOW.

And now to the music: Kalyani’s medicinal song Willing reminds you that only Love will remain.” Then mystic minstrel Chad Wilkins shares his urgent wake up message, Sing for the Earth.