You tell me, you want love, or a beloved in your life, almost more than anything in the world. I say, I truly understand. I hear both…how lonely you are and how much you long for this Divine Union. Before that Union, however, you must enjoy the royalty of knowing and loving who You are. What do I mean by this? Consider these two things: how is your heart? Has she engaged the inner quest of discovering the precious nectar of her own heart’s divine fulfillment, and then to fully claim it has her own Beloved? If so, is she then up for the task of truly offering and receiving unconditional love with another? And how is your mind and right use of will? Have they transcended the many curve balls of self-judgment, unworthiness, fears, perceived rejection or make-wrongs that your world is relentlessly and unknowingly mirroring to you? To be sure, your newly Beloved will exponentially mirror to you any unhealed parts of yourself you’ve been denying. Why wait? Why burden a new relationship with such a heavy task? Do it now. Heal and cleanse yourself now. Be your own royal witness, control your emotions and thoughts in a balanced manner, so when these shadowy traps snare you, it’s grip is only temporary, and yet a premier opportunity for you to take heart and heal.

Awaken and watch, wait and react not. Instead lovingly make peace with yourself, for the war is always within and not with the other. When you live from your wholeness versus your fractured selves, then you are living an authentic life, being present in your heart, body and mind. This Presence is profound. In this Presence, you can step into your sovereign Self, reclaim your personal authority and respond from a place of a healed heart versus a wounded heart which unjustly projects it’s shame, blame and hurt outward onto another. When you stop making the other person or event wrong for the small and big things in your life, you stop being a victim and stop giving your power away. The true Beloved Beauty who you have been waiting for, You, yearns to be discovered and met first. Then, perhaps, you may attract that cherished and more polished other; one who is equally committed to their own self-healing and sovereign journey.

When the day you deem yourself consciously ready for Divine Union, is entirely up to you. You may believe you’ll never be ready, and so you’ll postpone this Union indefinitely and blame your loneliness and unworthiness on all sorts of things. Or you’ll say to yourself, “there’s more to do, I’m not perfect yet.” And as hard as you may try to clean every corner of your heart’s house, by your standards, you’ll still declare it’s imperfection. Okay, you will not be perfect, but you will have made light your heavy heart, enough to share the vulnerability and authenticity of your newly healed heart with another. Again, your mental housecleaning may not be perfect, but you will have consciously cared to considerably clean up enough mental dross and continue to do so, to then be able to share the Beauty of your True Self with another.

Ultimately, my wish for you is that you be awake, as awake as you possibly can be and committed to being more awake everyday, in love, in service to truth and caring. Where to begin you may wonder? Start with this: acknowledge everything and everyone in your life up til NOW as a sparkling gem, who has served a great purpose in your awakening…even the “difficult ones.” Thank them for being a part of your Grand Design. Stop blaming them. Stop being angry at them. Stop dissing them. Stop giving your power away and playing victim. Rather, honor them for assisting you in your great awakening…then, for your sake and theirs, let them go. You may feel sadness and loss, okay so let the tears fall, let your wounded heart heal. Awaken to the truth of who you truly are and bless all circumstances, people and events whom you perceive as your nemesis. I know…I can see your expression right now…the one that says “what the ‘f ‘ is she talking about! ”Yup, Bless them all…”no way,” you insist. And I insist and say to you, do this now and Trust the process. The great healing within you will begin.

And as Santa Fe singer songwriter Lauria reminds us in her song Teardrop “Every tear that you deny, becomes tiny little lies. Why not let the truth fall, for the thrill of it all, from a heavy heart.”

And once you’ve had time to heal your heart and cleanse your mind, Bob Sima encourages you to take a chance to let love reign; stand up and own it and really believe it, in his song Grand Design. 

Take very good care of yourself and when your Beloved arrives within you and without,..take very good care of each other. Life is short.