Listen to Rosie’s Rumination – Love Over Fear
Thanks to Matthew Schoening for providing the soundbed for my reading from his album Narrow Path


You are Awake. You are Alive. You are Here. Love is who you are. Who you are Lights up the Heavens. The world is a better place because of your Love, my friend. Believe it. Know it. Be Love whenever, wherever you can. Planet Earth, The Gaia Sphere is counting on your Love. The world is a better place whenever you choose love over fear. So choose wisely in every moment that you’re alive. When you shine your Light in the name of Love you Bless All Beings. Choose love while you’re standing in that long line at Trader Joes or while walking peacefully alone in Silence feeling the air moving in and out of your lungs. Choose love, whether you’re perusing Facebook or talking to that lady in the Philippines whose trying her best, to help you in your technical ineptness as you troubleshoot your Comcast challenges together. Choose love my friend in all ordinary, extraordinary and frustrating moments of your day. You do have a choice. And if you feel like you don’t or can’t or won’t…well then I ask you to reconsider. You will? Thank you says the dragonfly, the lion, the crying baby, the single mom. Now that you’ve chosen love, take a deep breath. In fact, stop what you’re doing. Be Still. Be Silent. And now hit the select button that says, “Choose Love.” Now, Breathe before you speak. Breathe before you act. Breathe before you decide. For as all the great Saints and Masters know, Buddha, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit; When you Shine your Light in the name of Love, the world is a better place. You move molecules in such a way that they reassemble in the name of love and that choice you make my friend, ripples out from one exchange to another, one conversation to another. Not only is this one way we can connect our Hearts to the beating pulse of transformation pushing us ever so swiftly as we move through our day, but also we can be the one who stops the ripple of disconnect, confusion, anxiety, panic or some other downward spiral energy that creates separation, contraction and fear. Sometimes I feel as if the hand of the Universe is pressing on my upper back, between my shoulder blades over my heart chakra, with a sort of urgency that is somewhat uncomfortable and unwelcomed even. But when I bring my awareness to this pressure and breathe into it, I can feel my heart opening and then I invite the feeling of being loved, nurtured and seen. I’ve come to know this as my sort of Love Light switch, prompting me in that moment to choose love over fear. I don’t know why, but I do know I’m being asked to choose love over fear for someone somewhere…maybe thousands of miles away. Once again I’m reminded that I am Awake. I am Alive. I am Here and I have I choice to choose Love Over Fear. And so do you. So choose well my friend. Choose Love whenever you can and send a ripple of good vibes out into the world today as well as choose love to transform any prickly ripples that come your way. Here, Let the wise words of Bob Sima and Kalyani send a big juicy ripple to your Heart and help Love you up!