It doesn’t surprise me that according to a 2016 Gallup poll, 72% of Americans believe in Angels. How ‘bout you? Do you believe in Angels? I most certainly do, and here’s only one story of many that inspires me everyday to open my Heart up to Angelic protection, support and intervention, both from unseen Angels, as well as those Angelic beings who are here on Earth – both blessing us with their steadfast Presence.

This is a story of how the day of my beloved brother’s suicide eighteen years ago in Australia and my mother’s death sixteen years later in Santa Fe, New Mexico magically dovetailed – a union of sorts, none other than orchestrated by the Divine, with what I am sure of, was Angelic intervention.

I was very close to my mother, and in fact was with her in her hospice bed the moment she took flight across the great divide. Her transition was smooth and magical, unlike the tumultuous waves, post-death that I was cast in for the next two months. I could not have ever anticipated such a nightmarish scenario that I was about to endure and the steep, very steep learning curve about the twists of life, family, justice and the power of prayer, that followed.

While my mother meticulously crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s of all legal activities related to her trust and will, somehow a very crucial item slipped through the cracks of her documents. That was, what in legalize talk they refer to as “the disposition of the body.” In other words, if you are creating a will or trust, you MUST document how you would like your body cared for after you die. Specifically, stating that you choose to be cremated or buried, as well as appointing a specific person whom you trust to see to it that this delicate task be done as you wish. My Mom had not done that, though we had discussed the details at length of her wish to be cremated and I knew exactly what she wanted. And so when my eldest brother, who had been estranged from my mother for thirty years, suddenly appeared and contested her cremation, that set forth a huge cascade of turbulent events. In brief, I had to wait two grueling months while my mother’s body laid in the mortuary refrigerator as I actively engaged a lawyer and finally was granted a court ordered cremation. I had to be the bravest and strongest I’ve ever been in my whole entire life. I could not grieve. I had to fight my brother in my mother’s honor. My partner of twenty years was my Earth Angel, my rock of Gibraltar, even as our own relationship was on the rocks. The days were long and the nights were even longer…but during that time, I rebooted my relationship with the Divine, including the Angelic realms. Meditation and prayer became a steady avenue for me to communicate my fears and my wishes. I felt a burgeoning, loving communion with Angels, including my departed brother and several of my ancestors.

The day finally arrived, when I was able to pick up my mother’s ashes from the mortuary. My partner and I drove home on one of my Mom’s favorite routes, the Turquoise Trail. It such a blessed relief to have her bagged-up ashes in my lap, the sun streaming in the passenger window as I gazed out over the rolling hills of the New Mexico landscape dotted with pinions, cedars and juniper. I felt Angels surrounding us, as though they gathered in celebration, escorting us safely home. Then it dawned on me, that this day, was the very day of my departed brother’s passing. Bravo! I thought it was brilliant that “they” – my brother, my mother and Angels would coordinate such miraculous outcome.

Perhaps if you’re in that 28% of disbelievers in Angels or in the “not sure” category, you will open your Heart and Mind to their loving Presence in your life and call on them for their protection, guidance and support.

And now to the music: mystic minstrel Chad Wilkins helps call in our wingEd brigade that we can’t see or touch in his song, Angels Among Us. And Santa Fe singer songwriter Lauria hints to the Earth Angels amongst us, in her titletrack song When I’m An Angel.