Rosie’s Ruminations

Hi, Elizabeth Rose here, your Transitions MultiMedia (TMM) co-founder and TMM team member. My friends and associates also call me Rosie and often I write under that name. “Rosie’s Ruminations,” is a feature now offered frequently on Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM), our long running terrestrial FM, internet streamed and archived program, originally launched in 1984. There are some things in common but that’s another story. Here I invite you to dance and play with me as I Ruminate on life as it is, often inspired by experiences and events of a current nature. It is my offering of the accumulated wisdom of my life (to date) in its multi-dimensional aspects. My bio has more.

As I create Rosie’s Ruminations, I courageously wear my Heart out on My Sleeve hoping that in some way my honest sharing will meet someone else in their similar life reality whether that be pain or pleasure, confusion or clarity or the biggies, Love or Fear and Death & Grief. I want to reassure the reader or listener that they’re not alone and offer words to uplift, inspire and heal. Each Rumination is complimented by a favorite song as a soundbed as well as one or two songs to follow by a TRM favorite artist, to enhance the essence of my Rumination. Often the lyrics or poetry are commonly themed. And, the music we listen to and play on TRM often inspires me to Ruminate. That being any combination of pondering, cogitating, reflecting, meditating on, or as the word applies to cows and cud, chewing over.

I’ve been a co-producer/co-host of TRM now for almost twenty years. I estimate that’s about 1,000 plus or minus radio shows, and believe it or not, I still sometimes get nervous being on air. In part, because I want to be authentic and be myself; but I’m also very shy and private. Still, I feel moved to share openly from a deeper and more transparent place of my heart. I mean, how many people get to talk on the radio and perhaps make a real, loving difference in a crazy fear-based world! So, over the years I’ve created different ways to express myself and share my deeper heart.


ER7©Jennifer_Esperanza“Rosie’s Ruminations” were born out of an emotionally tumultuous year in my life and the need to take myself out for long walks to help me cope with what I was going through. I started out slow on my walks…not being in very good physical shape, just 20 minutes or so at a time. Now I’m walking for 45 minutes to an hour several times a week. Accompanying me, my MP3 player full to the brim of a variety of the music we play on TRM, which is about half of our three hour format, and what we call “Whole Brain Radio”. Being out in New Mexico’s natural Beauty, activating my body chi and listening to music began to inspire many thoughts and images that I then would write and ultimately began to share on the radio, along with music (for that exquisite “whole-brain” touch). These Ruminations are what I call “downloads,” which are usually a mixture of real life challenges with messages from the Divine, often about how to navigate through the challenge or obstacle.

What do I specifically write about? So far my Ruminations have been about love & relationships, sensuality, the ego’s struggle, dying, death and loss of a loved one, birth trauma, honoring motherhood, healing childhood wounds, nighttime anxiety, beauty, belonging, family karma, chaos and calm, connection and disconnection, past lives, the unseen dimensions, the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, spirituality, ancestors, angles, archangels, ascended masters, gratitude, being truly seen and deeply respected…to name a few.

Music artists accompanying me so far include: Ludovico Einaudi, Matthew Schoenig, Antje Duvekot, Brett Dennen, Ceila, Robert Mirabal, Walela, Jaya Lakshmi with Ananda, Kalyani, Christian Koening, Ani Williams, Eliza Gilkyson, Jenny Bird, Kenny Loggins, Bob Sima, Chris Chickering, Laurie McClain and Desert Dwellers.

May my Ruminations inspire Yours and bring Love and Healing to Your Life! And may we all, as Bob Sima says in his song “put a little more love into the world.” What greater mission, cause, and form of service to humanity than spreading love and blessings? None!

Your Ruminating Friend, Elizabeth Rose aka Rosie

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