Rudy’s Raps

Rudy’s Raps are in a word, “Rumiesque.” Rudy has called them Rapoems: Zen-like koans, musings in a poetic cadence of rhyming; that like a good melody, accompanied by some words of wisdom, has the capacity to awaken both mind and heart to a deeper aspect of Self. Rudy Raps also engage our much-needed cosmic humor: Laughing at the absurdities of much of our human behavior can be healing. As Rudy often asks; “Who are you in the Grand Cosmic Zoo?” 

I, Alan, often surrender to Rudy, my pen name or nickname of a spiritual name, Rudra Ram (given by my spiritual teacher, Ma Jaya, in the late seventies) to a man awakening from a trance of mediocrity. When Rudy speaks I listen! The essence of Rudra Ram, is an aspect of Shiva, in the Hindu tradition (From Wikipedia: “At the highest level, Shiva is regarded as limitless, transcendent, unchanging and formless. Shiva also has many benevolent and fearsome forms. Shiva is also regarded as the patron god of yoga and arts”). That’s why I listen, and write, and rap his instructions!

During the seventies, I was in great transition, having left my dozen or so years as a rising corporate “star” of a billion dollar, multi-national pharmaceutical empire having then chosen to see, with greater clarity, this type of business life, was no longer to be. After Rudra Ram was born, as a component of the soul of Alan, in an ashram (a spiritual community of “somewhat” like-minded souls., my closest friends started calling me Rudy. Some had even been with another profound teacher of the time, Rudrananda aka Rudy.

Fast-forward to July 17, 2011, one day after my seventieth birthday, and a critical trip to the ER, and a three day hospital stay, in great dismay, I seemed to have had a near-death experience. Under general anesthesia, in a Santa Fe hospital, I crossed over and picked up new writing skills, from some-one or team of poetic-rappers, who have gone before me. Specific names unknown, Tupac suspected. I re-awakened to a long period of recovery; and in deeper service to Love and Truth.

Within a few weeks of returning home, Rudra was reborn, as “Rudy the Rapper.” These downloads coming after, at such a swift pace, almost too fast for his rapidly moving pen to handle, were gifts of insight from Creator Source, to share with the world. Rudy’s Rap categories include:

General Consciousness & Spirituality
On Love
On Duality
Hey, Hey God (yes, she/he/it talks to Him…sometimes)
And soon to come (pardon the pun!) Exotica, Erotica

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Follow the Money

Follow the Money

  Follow the money Build a wall Keep those immigrants out you all Well I say NO! To another power elite distraction show By the richest of you all Where a lack of love and compassion Hides under the fear based drawl Two billion dollars As most taxpayer’s holler...

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Gone to Paradise

  In Memoriam In sadness and celebration We honor and praise His change in station As family, friends and others in creation We gather in sacred circle The Robert Alan Lupowitz, member nation Held in, and sharing Love In fond memory for Rob As he was known to me...

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Love on a Tea Bag

  From a Ariella, a friend A text on love without end Actually on a tea bag Words, she did send Quote, “Love is the ultimate law of life” Oh yes, love cuts through illusion Like a razor sharp knife And yes, love has many “portals” That lead to the immortal Where...

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32nd Broadcast Anniversary

My Ministry – Your Ministry I was called to the Ministry of Love by inner Christ Consciousness; a transmission received as first a reminder in silent inner thought, but not mine; then a resounding resource of life-affirming spirit-energy, named by some as the Holy...

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Love or Fear: Please Not So Serious This Year

Listen to Love or Fear: Please Not So Serious This Year By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy © 2014 Another year To love or fear? How through duality will we peer? What values will we hold near and dear? God bless the sage and seer That lies dormant within To now wake up and begin...

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Love Is: Love Is

Listen to Rudy's Rap - Love Is - Love Is   Alan Hutner aka Rudy © 2015 Love Is Love Is Everything It's the Divine Fizz Beyond belief Beyond hers and his It's not just the romance That sets your hormones a diz It’s the only oasis In the desert of duality Take that...

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