Transformational Breathwork & Rebirthing with Alan Hutner

$220.00 2 hours



Transformational Breathwork & Rebirthing – In Person in Santa Fe: In the early eighties I signed on as the Executive Director of The Institute of Traditional Medicine (ITM). While there, through a variety of synchronistic circumstances, I was taught and practiced a variety of breath and yogic breathing techniques, some a carryover from my ashram days in the seventies and then more recently and after ITM, what was termed rebirthing. Soon after I became a Professional Rebirther practicing in Santa Fe, inspired by some of the early pioneering teachers like Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr. These ancient yogic breathwork practices, with a more contemporary, relaxed approach, changed my life radically for the better. Simply stated, the connected and focused deeper breathing process raises energy or one’s kundalini. The breath of purification enhances life force, disclosing blocks to a free spirit flow from trauma and wounds in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Rebirthing philosophy was so-named because of one of the most traumatic experiences in life…our birth. Our conscious mind may have forgotten what that was like but often it becomes a limitation to love, trust and safety, which is often exacerbated in the realities of our 3D world until healed. The evolution of awakening requires us to no longer suppress or anesthetize our pain and fear, the most common blockages to unlimited love.
Appointment Days/Times: Mountain Time
If you’re interested, schedule a 15 minute Free Consult with me using the automated on-line booking software and if at that time you choose to do a Transformational Breathwork/Rebirthing session with me, we will schedule a time.
Fee: $220 + tax per Session or Series of 4 prepaid- $700 + tax
Time: 2 hours per session

“Alan created a very safe container of trust and intuitively facilitated the session with gentleness yet clear firmness. My consciousness felt clarified and supported through the deep breathwork and I journeyed into some forgotten memories where I was able to lovingly hold myself in forgiveness.”


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