Our Mission

As succinctly stated on our home page, our core mission is:

“To assist in the Awakening of Higher Consciousness in as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, through MultiMedia, Education and Entertainment; or Edutainment.”

Here we take mission to the next level with just one word. Love: L. O. V. E. an acronym we use often to represent the Law Of Vibrational Energy. Higher Consciousness is love-based awareness at all levels of human perception, and beyond. It is feelings of love, it is silent being in love, it is love in action, it is universal love, it is cosmic love.

Here’s the best definition of love we have found over the many years in multimedia, and in our personal life journeys, that we wanted to share with you:

“Love, even as it is most deeply understood, is much more than is usually considered. The spiritual hierarchy (the evolved Masters and higher beings who guide and overlight humanity and the earth) does not experience love as just an energy that can be called upon to sweeten or clarify relationships, or that stimulates, warms and opens hearts, or brings the energy of repentance, forgiveness and lasting connection – although it provides all of these.

Love is an all pervading, omnipresent, infinite field matrix of energy which transcends all dimensional limitations of time and space and creates an indissoluble bond between all worlds and dimensions. It is an energetic matrix which, when entered at any point in any dimension, ultimately unfolds into a unity of consciousness with ever expanding wholes, to which there is no end or limit.

Love is the greatest expander and extender of consciousness there is, the link between all the worlds and dimensions. It is the ever present matrix which holds every atom and every galaxy in right relationship. As such, entering the matrix through any dimensional portal intimately and ultimately leads into an ever expanding revelation of the seamless unity of the whole, which is the One Life.

Thus, the task of unfoldment for each individual unit of life is to discover their unique portal of entry into this matrix of love, the One Life. The point of entry can be love for oneself, one’s family, group, nation or the world. [This of course includes any loving relationship from friend, to mate to spouse or any vibrational frequency that expands the fourth chakra, heart center.]

Once entered, the matrix steadily and naturally expands the focus of love, its reach and inclusive embrace, ultimately to all the worlds. In this understanding is hidden the secret of the human heart, and its capacity to endlessly expand into the Whole.

This is why the mind without the unfoldment of the heart is incomplete and ultimately limited by the power of its own thought forms. (These thought-forms are crystallized patterns of thought that circulate through our minds, and become an energetic barrier that can block the entrance of higher truths and experiences.)

The mind and its thought-forms cannot transcend themselves without the realizations discovered by entering the matrix of love. This explains why the opening to love is an ultimate opening to all of humanity and to the entire planet, and finally to the Universe and its unlimited Presence.

The source of love is innate within the nature of Divinity itself. When any contact or opening to love is made, a portal of resonance with this Divine Presence and Reality is opened, which elevates and transforms the nature of the one who opens. One then enters into the potential to ultimately know and experience the great matrix of love that extends infinitely in all dimensions and worlds.

Each of our entire multi-dimensional beings is like a giant tuning fork which has the potential to resonate with any frequency. When we resonate with love at any entry point we enter this field matrix of love. The chakras are centers for this energy reception and expression, and their degree of development and openness influences our capacity to receive and radiate love.

However, an individual’s entire etheric, emotional or mental body can also resonate to the love frequency, and thus an entry into the love matrix is created. This occurs even if the chakras are not opened or developed, although the full reception and expression of love requires this development. This is how less developed people can be influenced by love and helped to understand it.” (From The Transfiguration of Our World By Gordon Asher Davidson. P. 2)

Our desire, our intention, is for TMM, to create as many Love Portals as possible for our members, our Tribe of lovers, even our perceived enemies, should they dare to join us. Consider that abuse, violence, even war may be a misguided attempt to find love, in all the wrong places. As the above definition implores, “The task of unfoldment for each individual unit of life is to discover their unique portal of entry into this matrix of love.”

Once into this larger matrix of love we discover, “Love Is All,” and that the forms or dimensions of love are many.” You/we get to choose, love or its covering, fear. Love unifies. Fear separates. Love just plain feels good. It expands and amplifies life force energy; even into Sat Chit Ananda (Truth, Awareness, Bliss). Fear contracts. Fear chokes off Life Force Energy. The good news is you get to choose. Love or Fear.

Speaking of Love Portals, here’s a great song by singer-songwriter, mystic minstrel and musician Chad Wilkins, about the Power Of Love.

If this resonates with you. If you are ready to serve Love, be Love, give and receive more Love: If this mission turns your Love Crank and amplifies your vibrational energy; Welcome! Please join us for More and Read On!

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Author Deborah Taj Anapol, a periodic guest on Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) over the years, made this invitation in her significant book, The Seven Natural Laws of Love.

“This book invites you to let go of the idea that love is a means to an end. Instead of seeing love as something that will make you happy if you can get enough of it, consider the possibility of love as a way of being, of love as a state of consciousness. As such it is independent of any particular person or set of conditions. In other words, love is unlimited, impersonal and unchanging. It cannot be lost nor can it be hoarded. This kind of love is both a choice and a surrender to something beyond your ego. Genuine love is an energy that arises when your sense of identity expands beyond the individual self. Love leads to an awareness of union with something larger than yourself. Call it the Divine, call it the Absolute, call it Existence or the Universe, call it whatever you want, but know that ultimately, nothing less will satisfy the heartfelt longing for love. From this perspective you do not deserve love, you are love.”

And this quote, on perhaps the most important portal, Self-love, the inner Self-love, that many of you and the assembling Tribe already know: And yet, in this more awakened state want to still know what’s next for me. Where is my “Love Without Limits Family?”

“You are not sleepwalking on the planet any longer. You have already begun to see beyond illusions, to penetrate what your eyes used to tell you were just the form and dance of matter and molecules, personas and egos and bodies. You have begun to see the invisible strand, the invisible dance that is truly going on. You have begun to have visions and dreams. You have begun to feel inspired. You have begun to learn forgiveness, healing and even Self-love.

Self-love is the perfection of all spiritual practice. Self-love is the final, shining ray of light that illuminates the heart of the individuated ray of light that you are. Self-love transfigures the mind, the emotional body, and even the physical body to the degree that it strongly shines into the cells of the body.

Every choice for Love has been the result of a transfiguration that has been going on in the alchemy of your soul. You are an extraordinary being. You have been initiated into the strand of light of the lineage, the sacred family, dedicated to the manifestation and the fulfillment of the atonement.

All that you do, in each moment, when you dedicate yourself to Love – whether you be living in a farmhouse or in a condominium in New York – adds to the field of energy being created that will one day tip the balance and dissolve all illusions from all minds. Your life, then, is a life in service… regardless of the forms in which you find yourself living.” (The Way Of Mastery p. 395 – 397).

If this resonates with you: If you are ready to serve Love, be Love, give and receive more Love: If this mission turns your Love Crank and amplifies your vibrational energy; Welcome! Please Join our Tribe for More and Read On!

And finally, as a Tribe, a Community of Folks Dedicated to Love, we share the following “Pearl of Truth” which is an excerpt from an 1148 Cathar text about The Church of Love. This best embodies for us Love, in action and principle, as core guidance for a Community or Tribe. (This Cathar document was originally introduced to us via Sophia’s Mirror blogspot which was posted on Facebook)

The Church of Love

It does not exist in a fixed form,
but only by the mutual agreement of persons.
It has no members except for those who feel that they belong to it.
It has no rivals because it does not nourish the spirit of competition.
It has no ambition because it only wishes to serve.
It does not have any national boundaries because love does not act this way.
It does not close itself off, as it tries to enrich all groups and religions.
It respects all the great teachers of all times who revealed the truth of love.
All who belong to it, practice the truth of love with their whole being.
He [She], who belongs to it, knows that.
It does not try to teach other; but only tries to be and by being to give.
It lives in the knowledge that the whole earth is a living being and that we are part of it.
It knows that the time of the last return has arrived; the way of self-surrender, in free will to return to unity.
It does not make itself known by loud words, but works in the free domain of being.
It salutes all those who have enlightened the path of love and gave their lives for it.
It does not create any ranks in its midst and no elevation of anybody, because the one is no greater than the other.
It does not promise reward neither in this or in another life, yet only the joy of being in that love.
Its members recognise each other by their behaviour, their way of being, by the look in their eyes and by no other external act than to embrace each other in a brotherly and sisterly way.
They know neither fear nor shame
and their witness will always be truthful in good as in bad times.
The church of love has no secret,
has neither mystery nor initiation except for the deep knowledge of the power of love,
as the world must change, if we as persons wish it so;
but only if firstly we change ourselves.
All those who feel that they belong to it do indeed belong.
They belong to the church of love.

We Welcome You

With Great Love

Your Transitions MultiMedia Team

If this resonates with you: If you are ready to serve Love, be Love, give and receive more Love: If this mission turns your Love Crank and amplifies your vibrational energy; Welcome! Please Join Our Tribe for More!