The Day of “Big Love” has arrived! While in the Grand Cosmic mix, it may seem like a small thing; in my world, as well as Alan’s, it’s a big thing! That is, the launch of our new website and Portal of Love – While I barely have a designer bone in my body, the frequency expressed in the imagery and content of the currently conceived and birthed Transitions MultiMedia website, has been gestating in my heart, mind and soul for years. Fittingly, like a true pregnancy, nine months after our initial meeting with our Web-Master (whom I refer to as our Website Midwife), Kendra Arnold of KLA Concepts, Transitions MultiMedia is up and running. Wowza!

Our website is not a “wham bam thank you mam” kinda website. It’s more of a place to make and feel your Connection with Your Soul Source in the name of “Love and Truth, From Fear to Flow, Allowing and Trusting.” It’s perhaps more like reading a good book, better nice and slow, savoring one page, one photo, one song, one Rumination, one Rap, one Blog at a time.

There’s a lot I could say, but for now we are just happy to invite you to get acquainted with us. In the near future, we will be inviting you to participate in a myriad of ways. So sign up, stay tuned and in the meantime be sure to catch our weekly radio show, Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM), which by the way, as I write this TODAY, February 12, 2016 is the 32nd Anniversary of the show being on air! Check out the links to TRM on our website for all the details of how to tune us in Live or Archived.

Oh, I must Thank the following folks for their Contribution to! Our Website Midwife: Kendra Arnold, Nature Photographer Extraordinaire Carol Carnicom, Santa Fe Photographer Extraordinaire Jennifer Esperanza, The Lady in Russia whose name I don’t remember, through FIVERR who did all the galactic logos on the home page AND Alan for his co-creation input and meeting my writing/editing deadlines with punctuality and grace. I guess I can Thank myself for diligently ushering this through and I want to Thank my Mom, Kitty, for funding it. Finally, thanks to Great Mystery for Moving through All of time, space and energies to co-create in the name of Love with Us!

Peace to You! Elizabeth Rose