by Alan Hutner
Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) Founder and Host of 33+ years

April, the month of spring to bring, at this moment as I write, is in a bit of a snow zing. No warm April Showers, other than the content of great warmth this month that we showered on Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) and a new format for our three hour Sunday morning show. Also I acknowledge Rosie’s masterful deep tinkering with this Transitions MultiMedia website. Navigate it and see.

We invite you to enjoy our deep digging into some of the best archived interview material over the past years, featuring incredible conversations, talent and the transformational music of a variety of our favorite singer–songwriters. Besides their eclectic and awakening poetry, with songs of love and presence to match, we offer their insights on the world they see and sing about. All April shows are archived on line at

Arlo Guthrie kicks it off with our April 2 TRM show, in his ageless wisdom and down home humor through conversation, storytelling and his fun songs to match. That continues into the April 9th show, a true artists retrospective. Arlo’s magic culminates in his father Woody’s lineagal songwriting style, updated with full bands and live concert music culminating with a closing song that asks what would happen to angels if we closed the door to heaven.

We offer a very unique, April 16, Easter Special on “Real Resurrection and Rebirth” that we all so much need at this time of polarization and duality. And hey, Rosie interviews me and me her, revealing some very intimate and poignant stories and teachings about our own evolution into Self-knowing (okay, sometimes we forget and get into too much ego-persona beliefs, but that can also be fodder for growth, if we so choose). There also readings from The Masters and music that will pluck your heartstrings all capable of rising you up into the light. And for a most transmutational parable of parables, listen to “Jumping Mouse” surrender into union as part of his own shamanic resurrection. Yes, mice evolve as well.

The last two shows, April 23rd and 30th feature singer-songwriters, Bob Sima talking and singing about “It’s Time” to “Kiss God;” Eliza Gilkyson Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, engages her most unique and profound songs, “2153,” about the possibility of human extinction, juxta-positioned to, “Looking for a Place” perhaps where that extinction can be avoided. Chris Chickering speaks about and sings to “Regeneration,” Laurie McLain implores us not to fall in love but rather “Ascend” in love and Tina Malia chants soulfully as we discover her, “Uncovered” with the long time sun shining upon her.

Rosie Ruminates (Elizabeth Rose) in a most powerful and heartful way, throughout the month with her titles; “When Love Arrives: Have a Light Heart & Be Awake,” “The Real World,” “My First Chant: The Gayatri Mantra” and “Angels Amongst Us.” And, Rudy Raps (Alan Hutner) to: “Love on a Teabag,” “Gone to Paradise,” “Follow the Money” and “Awaking to the New in the Grand Cosmic Zoo.” Enjoy!

We would love your feedback! Email Elizabeth, and Alan, And, very importantly review our mission statement starting with this quote: “Love, even as it is most deeply understood, is much more than is usually considered. The spiritual hierarchy (the evolved Masters and higher beings who guide and overlight humanity and the earth) does not experience love as just an energy that can be called upon to sweeten or clarify relationships, or that stimulates, warms and opens hearts, or brings the energy of repentance, forgiveness and lasting connection – although it provides all of these….(more under mission).