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You must have already perused enough of our Transitions MultiMedia (TMM) website, and liked our ‘Love Is All theme” to arrive here on our Donation Page. Your financial support is supremely appreciated at this time of rebirth. As the once popular cliché stated. “Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow,” and likewise from the movie, Field Of Dreams, “Build It And They Will Come:” We welcome you to this field or matrix that will ripple the vibrations of love out into the world. Like the butterfly above, basking in the sun and drinking in the nectar of the flower, it once was the green goo in the cacoon of transformation. Help us transform!

All donations are appreciated, no matter how small (or large!); as your energetic collaboration as well as your monetary participation will add to the ripple effect or tuning fork effect of greater, loving resonance.

If you would like to discuss your participation with us in any greater operational context albeit investing and or human resource assistance about a variety of multimedia projects in development, please give us a call at 505.466.2616 or email

Our Primary Development Project Is:


Over the past three decades plus, Founder, Host of TRM and predecessor show Cosmosis, Alan Hutner has conducted over 5,000 interview/conversations (and read that many books or more), showcasing bestselling authors, workshop leaders, visionaries, educators, music artists and lesser known new paradigm thinkers.

Alan is a consummate interviewer and conversationalist known for his gift of bringing out the “best in his guest,” both with his welcoming, relaxed demeanor on the mike and his well researched and creative, probing questions he poses to his guests, always keeping the listener in mind.

Click here for a sample of Alan’s interview style with guests and Q&A


You can click here to see a Partial List of just some of the fine folks Alan has talked with; and click here to see a general list of the subjects engaged, under “Format / Issues & Topics on TRM”.

We envision receiving your Generous Gem Archive Preservation Support so a supportive and skilled Team can help:

  • Safely store the archives in an accessible distribution system for a larger audience to enjoy and be transformed by (for example SoundCloud). We would like the treasured gems to be available for generations to come.
  • Organize by author and subjects the best of these conversations for all forms of future multimedia from podcasts to video to print.
  • Transfer the interview-conversations to a digital backed up format; the older ones cassette and Dat, and the newer ones on CD, to other safe storage means
  • Repurpose, as Gems, perhaps by subject, from a high percentage of “timeless” interviews, maybe with a co-host, of the many still relevant cultural, ecological, spiritual, relational, evolutionary growth and development presentations to help create a better, more peaceful world. Love underlies many of the conversations.
  • Make the repurposed Gem interviews available on our website, or as Arlo* suggested, make these available to a larger base of students, adults and people who are awakening to their real Self.
  • We also envision collaborating with an interested University or socially conscious organization as another site to preserve, store and disseminate the powerful teachings of many rare, and exiting visionaries of our past half decade.
  • Funding would help support a small Team effort to reach out and negotiate such a huge collaboration.

*Arlo Guthrie, a long time friend, and a core TRM musician suggested recently that we get a University or symbiotic organization to take over the archive project, like his family did with Woody’s archives. Alan said, “Arlo, I am not Woody! To which he responded, this is not about you. It is about your guests and the documentation of some three decades of the consciousness, spirituality movement that their teachings have helped transform.


We also lovingly invite you to make a donation of any amount to our General Fund to offset the growing expenses of fulfilling our Mission in All Ways Available to us. Our Mission being: To assist in the Awakening of Higher Consciousness in as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, through MultiMedia, Education and Entertainment; or Edutainment.

Our complete development plans will unfold as resources are available, including Alan’s favorite, a Santa Fe based TV show for cable, internet or network distribution.

Thank You for your Heart-sourced Generosity and Support!

We so appreciate YOUR Beneficence & Magnificence!

Enjoy another great song by Chad Wilkins, singer-songwriter, mystic minstrel who sings so sweetly expressing words of Gratitude.

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