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TRM Current Interviews in their Entirety

As you know, we’ve invited you to listen to our broadcast website. What you’ll find there is a combination of great music and interview segments. Generally these interview-conversations are not complete but serialized over a period of weeks. After a number of requests from our listeners and one of the reasons we launched TMM is to make the complete interview available on this website for a limited time. Look for that starting soon!

TRM Gem Archived Interviews

We are looking forward to providing you with access to our vast and wonderful TRM library of archived interviews in 2016. These will be repurposed (perhaps with a co-host), as Gems, by subject, having selected a high percentage of “timeless” interviews of the many still relevant cultural, ecological, spiritual, relational evolutionary growth and development to help create a better, more peaceful world. Love underlies many of the conversations. For more information about our Gem Archive Project and how you can be involved or help out, click here And click here to see a partial list of TRM Guests Interviewed.

TMM Endorsements & Affiliations

Who do we love and trust? A select group of Practitioners, Products and Services will be offered for your consideration. We are particularly interested in providing long distance healings and remedies for heart and soul.

To stay apprised of when we kick off our Projects & Offerings, be sure to Join Our Tribe! See below for Future Offerings with Alan & Elizabeth.

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Future Offerings with Alan Hutner

Note: If any of the below offerings, with Alan, scheduled for implementation and launch during 2016 tweak your interest and you can’t wait to find out more, you can call or email me to discuss it further and about how you would like to participate or engage in the offering(s). / 505.466.2616.

Self-Mastery Study Groups

This could be my favorite next creative endeavor. There are a number of practices, systems, teachings and teachers who promise a way to know who you are. Self-realization is touted as the best way to minimize pain and suffering on the earth plane. Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, God-realization, many words and titles for the nameless All That Is. As I have indicated somewhere else on this website, I have read something like 5,000 plus books and done the same number of interviews over the past three plus decades.

Has that helped my Self-realization and direct knowing? Yes! (Although I know a lot less than when I started this media mashugana.) Do I live in that capital S Self all the time? No! If I did, I would not be writing this, nor would I be on this beautiful planet Earth as a Devotee Of Love And Truth. Self = Truth = Love = God. Love is the only algebraic formula I have come to value since high school. So be it! If you have a body, you have an ego-persona-mind complex. If you let that rule, you’re screwed. If you become The Master of the little s self, you may enjoy life a lot more; in spite of the clowns, court jesters and oligarchs in high places. Join me in Self Mastery…coming soon to a theatre near you!

On-line Courses

I have been in “the business” of doing interview-conversations now for thirty-two years: These for radio, TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines, online publications and Podcasts. Many of these interviews, and I include the word “conversations” as intentional, as that is what I do best, have been with best-selling authors, visionaries and celebrities of higher consciousness. To say that I am accomplished would not be in the best interest of my humility; however, you can click here to listen to what some of my guests and loyal listeners have said, unsolicited.

As you probably know, online courses, teleseminars and web-based offerings are becoming more and more popular. Live events are becoming more burdensome for travelers. They cost more, take more time and use more energy. From jet fuel to flying in a tin can to some foreign land. Sometimes face-to-face is best, so we will Skype or Gripe with both audio and video. Given that, my first On-line offering will be a course on how to do excellent, Five-Star interview-conversations, and be loved by the interviewee.

The next probable On-line Course in development; “24/7 To God: No Experience Needed”

Custom Interviews

Speaking of interviews. I will be providing an interview service to practitioners, authors, workshop facilitators, on-line presenters and in-general anyone who would like some guidance about how to best present who they are; what they do; when they do it; where they do it; and ultimately to improve their business by having potential customers or clients hearing what they have to say; that in response to an unbiased, independent journalist’s Q&A. (Partially kidding here about my independence). When you hire me as a consultant, I will help you put your best foot forward and not in your mouth. Better yet, your best voice forward! If you want an abbreviated sample of style and content, click here or go to TRM and listen to what fun me and our guests there.

Custom Rudy Raps

For nearly five years now, my alter ego, or no ego? spiritual sidekick, Rudy, nickname for Rudra Ram (my spiritual name), has been downloading content from Divine Sources, unnamed. Given the definition of God or Goddess, He – She – It, has everything to do with it. This all began after a near death, hospital experience where upon temporarily crossing the veils I may have encountered Tupac Shakur or his guardian angels.

Soon after that and over these past years I have written and recited poetry and raps regularly on TRM  as well for ceremonial gatherings, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and at live appearances where some kind of humor or roasting was called for. Soon some will be published (help wanted), as there may be as many as 500 plus or minus waiting for eyes and ears to hear. Meanwhile, Rudy will write custom raps and poems for you, your lover, your friend and even your perceived enemies. Stay tuned and for a sample, click hear!

Future Offerings with Elizabeth Rose

Note: If any of the below offerings, with Elizabeth, scheduled for implementation and launch during 2016 tweak your interest and you can’t wait to find out more, you can call or email me to discuss it further and about how you would like to participate or engage in the offering(s). / 505.466.2616.

Family Constellations

It’s often said that it is hard to describe what are Family Constellations in words, but one way to speak about it is to say that it is a systemic approach to identifying and healing areas of trauma in the “family soul” which can embrace members from several generations back. If one of them has had a particularly difficult fate, the effects of this may continue to arise several generations later. We can carry the fate of others in our lives on an unconscious level where we are entangled or identified with those who experienced a heavy fate in previous generations. Their burdens become our burdens. Family Constellations allow that which wants to be resolved in the knowing field to be seen, so that a deep healing and acknowledgement can be offered to those who came before, releasing us from their burdens. The flow of Love is then beautifully restored to the family soul and we are empowered to live our lives with the blessings of our ancestors. I will be offering Family Constellation one-on-one private sessions in person and via Skype and group sessions upon request in 2016, so stay tuned!

Wise Woman Council for Mothers and Families

Wise Woman Council is for Mothers and Families engaged in the Childbearing Year who want guidance in co-creating the best possible pregnancy, birth and post partum experience. And also for those who wish to address sensitive and challenging reproductive issues such as infertility, adoption, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, birth trauma & complications, early death of a child, as well as childhood challenges and divorce.

On-line & In-person Course: Labor Massage, Healing Touch Techniques & Other Labor Support Tips for Partners

Partners are any caretakers who will be at the birth. For over 30 years researchers have known that “the presence and involvement of partners who touch the women during labor have been significantly correlated with less need for drugs, shorter labor, fewer perinatal problems and more optimal maternal interactions” (Sosa 1980). In a fun, spirited presentation, I teach mindful hands-on techniques to relieve common pregnancy discomforts and to provide relief, support, and a comforting connection through touch during labor….plus many other ‘tried and true’ natural methods to assist those present at the birth in the co-creation of a peaceful birth for the new baby, with no or minimal intervention and maximum empowerment and joy. For individual, groups and organizations, upon request, I will be available to teach this one-time three hour course.

The Five Ancient Tibetan Rites (The Rites)

Private or Group Sessions, are a system of yogic-like movements syncopated with conscious breathing. They are in a sense moving asanas, that are claimed to, at the very least help retard the aging process, and at the very best to integrate a youthing dynamic into practice. I am so grateful for The Rites. They can be done in any time frame…as little as ten minutes or longer in Tai Chi style. Meditating after the rights is powerful, as is just the daily practice for busy people, as an active meditation. I have been practicing The Rites on and off since1997 and have taught them to both individuals and in a class format periodically over that time. I swear by the powerful benefits of this moving yoga practice for maintaining my physical strength, mental clarity and emotional balance. And, folks always compliment me on my youthful appearance!

According to the editor’s forward in the 1989 Edition of the book, “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth,” by Peter Kelder, published by Harbor Press, Inc., the Rites are claimed to be thousands of years old and by their practice, according to Kelder and the testimonials of practitioners, activate and balance the body’s seven principal energy centers or chakras corresponding to the seven endocrine glands.