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TRM Current Interviews in their Entirety

As you know, we’ve invited you to listen to our broadcast website. What you’ll find there is a combination of great music and interview segments. Generally these interview-conversations are not complete but serialized over a period of weeks. After a number of requests from our listeners and one of the reasons we launched TMM is to make the complete interview available on this website for a limited time. Look for that starting soon!

TRM Gem Archived Interviews

We are looking forward to providing you with access to our vast and wonderful TRM library of archived interviews in 2016. These will be repurposed (perhaps with a co-host), as Gems, by subject, having selected a high percentage of “timeless” interviews of the many still relevant cultural, ecological, spiritual, relational evolutionary growth and development to help create a better, more peaceful world. Love underlies many of the conversations. For more information about our Gem Archive Project and how you can be involved or help out, click here And click here to see a partial list of TRM Guests Interviewed.

TMM Endorsements & Affiliations

Who do we love and trust? A select group of Practitioners, Products and Services will be offered for your consideration. We are particularly interested in providing long distance healings and remedies for heart and soul.

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