The Day of “Big Love” has arrived!

The Day of "Big Love" has arrived! While in the Grand Cosmic mix, it may seem like a small thing; in my world, as well as Alan's, it’s a big thing! That is, the launch of our new website and Portal of Love - While I barely have a designer...

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Rudy’s Raps

32nd Broadcast Anniversary

My Ministry – Your Ministry I was called to the Ministry of Love by inner Christ Consciousness; a transmission received as first a reminder in silent inner thought, but not mine; then a resounding resource of life-affirming spirit-energy, named by some as the Holy...

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Love or Fear: Please Not So Serious This Year

Listen to Love or Fear: Please Not So Serious This Year By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy © 2014 Another year To love or fear? How through duality will we peer? What values will we hold near and dear? God bless the sage and seer That lies dormant within To now wake up and begin...

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Love Is: Love Is

Listen to Rudy's Rap - Love Is - Love Is   Alan Hutner aka Rudy © 2015 Love Is Love Is Everything It's the Divine Fizz Beyond belief Beyond hers and his It's not just the romance That sets your hormones a diz It’s the only oasis In the desert of duality Take that...

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Rosie’s Ruminations

Choose Love Over Fear

Listen to Rosie's Rumination - Love Over Fear Thanks to Matthew Schoening for providing the soundbed for my reading from his album Narrow Path   You are Awake. You are Alive. You are Here. Love is who you are. Who you are Lights up the Heavens. The world is a...

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