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Welcome to Transitions MultiMedia (TMM)

We invite YOU to join with US in a unified mission/vision so essential at this time. This mission is not only for humanity’s evolution but for the benefit of all life on Planet Earth and the Gaia Sphere, Mother Earth herself. Succinctly, our formal mission statement is:

“To assist in the Awakening of Higher Consciousness in as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, through MultiMedia, Education and Entertainment; or Edutainment.”

US is capitalized as it stands for a common, unified Tribe or community now reforming. YOU is capitalized for it addresses the greater YOU: The beyond ego-persona YOU. The Self, with a capital S, as many of you know, is that which desires to be more awake, more abundant and thrive in a 3D world of perceived duality. This capital S Self is connected to and knows its Essence and multi-dimensionality as part of the Unified Field of All That Is: Sometimes referred to as Great Mystery, Divine Intelligence and Creator Source. Our TMM resources are geared to activate individual and collective Self-Realization. In that knowing, there can no longer be war, violence, nor lack in all its present forms; for they are born of a separation mind-set. Unity consciousness ends our harming each other and rather supports all Life and nature, in harmony.

As multi-dimensional beings we realize our untapped capacities to live in unity and unconditional love. On our Mission Page we expand on this most important four letter word. L. O. V. E. as an acronym we use often to represent the Law Of Vibrational Energy. As many have stated in word, poetry and song: “Love Is All.” Join with US to Be That!

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Welcome to this Tribe forming under the liner; “Voices Of Love And Presence,” integrating any and all love principles as well as innovative offerings and resources for anyone to just plain, become Love. And what of love in the future? What is our individual and collective potential? Unlimited…that is if we wake up to who we truly are: Love in Co-creation, Love in Vibration, Love in Healing and Love At Core.

As the yogis and masters of the East discovered; Core Self-Realization results in Sat Chit Ananda. Translated as Truth, Awareness and Bliss. That is what we are about. Yes, life as we know it has pain, suffering and emotional rollercoaster aspects to it, for the body-mind-ego-persona assemblage. However; you/we are more than that; and we are dedicated to helping YOU discover that Peace and Bliss of Self-knowing.

We will assist our Tribal Members in accessing the Divine Power we are all birth-righted with. We invite YOU to participate together with US in this new interactive website and grand adventure, Transitions MultiMedia our dot com is now in a multiple phased launch. We invite YOU to be any combination of: A participant, a guest, a presenter, a listener or a viewer: Be a blogger, a referred practitioner, a resource provider or a networker. And most importantly, Be Love, Be Present, Be Fully Awake. Fulfill your personal mission, grow your business and help anyone to wake up to LOVE.

As we expand, we encourage you to listen to Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM), our core program now celebrating more than three decades in broadcasting and webcasting. For now, peruse this website, tell your friends and perceived enemies about US. We’d love to hear from YOU with your feedback and comments. And May LOVE Find YOU in All Ways!